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  Latest addition to known member list : Michael Rowlinson

Message from Morecambe High School

"Just to let you know the centenary celebrations have been postponed until July, this is because of the conversion to an academy on the 1st May. We will put all the information about this on our new website. "
April 2019

Message from Morecambe High School

100 Year Celebration

In May 2019, the school will be celebrating its’ Centenary marking 100 years of econdary education in Morecambe. Amongst other events, the school is creating a “time tunnel” full of old photographs and artifacts which will be open for alumni to walk through and see how education in Morecambe has changed through the ages.
Can you help us? Do you have any old photographs, memories or printed material and could we borrow it or copy it?
Please email

All ex students and staff will be welcome to our school during our celebrations which will take place over the weekend of the 25th and 26th May – Save the date!

April 2018 Various reunions planned. Letter sent to registered members here :
April 2018 Pat Hoyle (Train) left us in April 2017
February 2018 Patience programme added (Thanks to Carol Hutchison)
January 2018 HMS Pinafore programme added (Thanks to Lindsay Gilliers)
January 2018 Doc Pearce advised that ex teachers Langtree and Bell have recently died
June 2017 Morecambe timeline updated
May 2017 Latest MGS annex Broadway news here
June 2016 65th birthday reunion attendees here
May 2016 Last reminder for 2016 reunion here
March 2016 Confirmation mail for proposed 2016 reunion here
February 2016 Contact mail for proposed 2016 reunion here
January 2016 1963 1964 1965 Speech Day programmes added
December 2015 Linda Casson has left us. Link
February 2015 Commenced uploading old school documents donated by Moreen Francis here
January 2015 More Morecambe postcards added here
April 2014 Added images of old Morecambe postcards here
January 2014 Many more Morecambe nostalgic photos here
October 2013 The school has been much expanded since 1963-1970 to house around 1500 pupils. The layout for 2013 is here
October 2013 Reunion photos in Lancaster Guardian :
October 2013 50th anniversary photos added here
October 2013 The following have recently changed their email address and latest mails have bounced: Steve Baldrance, Nancy Evans, Anita Finch, Roy Gillson, Pauline Harrison, Tim Smith, Christine Wild.
Any information welcomed ....
September 2013 More photos added here and here
August 2013 Latest information regarding 50th anniversary meet up
August 2013 Links to local video clips by Chris Abram added
August 2013 Images of 1968 school diary added here
August 2013 The Broadway hotel will be known to many! The loss of summer visitors resulted in the five bars open to the public being reduced to one many years ago. It has survived as a low cost stop for the coach trade. This business has seen a dramatic reduction following the UK recession. Planning permission for demolition and replacement with an apartment block has recently been renewed and developers are proposing to hold a public meeting next month. A recent report from The Visitor tells more.
July 2013

The 50th reunion is approaching and many new faces are appearing. Email from Doc Pearce :

Hello everyone!

Lindsay Gilson (who has recently found me) says you wanted a contact address for me, so here it is. Since leaving Morecambe I have been in and around Newcastle but retired in 1990. I've just had my 80th birthday and am slowing down a good deal. I was at MGS from 1961 to 1967. Sadly I cannot make the reunion on 7 September. I have agreed to give a talk then - assuming I can remember what I want to say! Life is also cluttered with hospital appointments. All the best to you all.

(Doc) Mike Pearce

July 2013 Old and new Lancaster videos by Stuart Reilly 1 2 3 4
July 2013 Lancaster and Morecambe nostalgia video from Andy Forshaw
July 2013 Website statistics to June 2013
June 2013 Video documentary about Morecambe from Kris Knowles using some material from this website.
May 2013 Beach train clip
May 2013 More photos added to "then & now"
May 2013 More old maps and data added to the Morecambe nostalgia page
April 2013 50th year anniversary confirmed here.
March 2013 From the Bare Village website, a 1936 receipt for advertising in The Ship MGS school magazine
March 2013 I've added many Morecambe nostalgia images here ...
February 2013 There is interest in a 50th year reunion here ...
January 2013 is a blog with old and new photos of Morecambe. it has been added to the links page.
January 2013

Published in the Visitor on 23 January 2013

SUNDERLAND - On 10th January 2013 in hospital PETER aged 61 years. The very dear son of Peggy and the late Walter, dear brother of Mike and brother in law of Yvonne. The funeral service will take place at the Lancaster and Morecambe Crematorium on Friday, 25th January at 11.45 a.m. Family flowers only please. Alex Willis Funeral Home, 2 Middleton Road, Heysham, LA3 2QD. Tel: 01524 851595

This hides a sad story. Peter Sunderland (MGS 1962-1969) left university and travelled in Asia where he succumbed to a neural tropical disease. He suffered from mental health issues until his untimely death.

January 2013 Heysham village video clip
January 2013

2012 Review from The Visitor : January to June ... July to December

December 2012
John S Taylor was an English teacher at MGS in the late 60's. He subsequently worked in various countries before retiring to Andalucia. His website details his past experiences as well as his current life as a writer :
December 2012
I have had a contact asking for news of Mr Linton who was an MGS history teacher as recently as 1970. Information can be forwarded ...
December 2012
More Photos added to, "Then and Now"
December 2012
New Lower 6th photo from 1969 added here. Is it L6SC1 from 1969 ? Thanks to Julia Russell.
December 2012
Oldest existing moving pictures of Morecambe, with commentary :
November 2012
Marc Stephen Davis , MGS '65-73, would be interested to know of any planned reunions.
November 2012
Found a better image of the Morecambe, Naples of the North ... poster
November 2012
Some more Morecambe photos added here
October 2012
Some photos from the 2002 reunion have been found and uploaded here. Names and more info here.
October 2012
More Photos added to, "Then and Now"
October 2012
Informal lunch Saturday October 20 2012 in Morecambe ...
October 2012
Video clip of quicksands in the bay here
September 2012
Spotted on the web ... Miss Great Britain and Monty Python
August 2012
Added miscellaneous Morecambe pics from c2000 here
August 2012
Interesting aerial photo from 1920
August 2012
Link to Morecambe historic town survey added
August 2012
Added "About" page to index
July 2012
More reunion photos added here. I need help in finding more then and now pics and we don't have any photos from the 2002 reunion - unless you know better ?
July 2012
Fascinating video clip of Morecambe in 1962 :
July 2012
Added live weather cam from Glasson Sailing Club. Click here for larger.
July 2012
Stats updated
July 2012
This website still becoming better ranked in search engines :
July 2012
Some interesting photos of old Morecambe theatres here
July 2012
Just spotted this dynamic "new" development : "... the school introduced a house system. This saw pupils assigned to houses - Coniston,HelvellynLangdale, orScafell."
July 2012
Interesting video showcasing the Morecambe appeal for inclusion as a "Portas Pilot" shopping centre redevelopment project :
July 2012 Then and now photos updated here. We welcome better scans of the 1968 senior school photo and the missing 6th form group photos.
July 2012 July update newsletter sent to 86 email contacts. If you have haven't received it, please let us know.
July 2012 Automated newsletter sign up added to menu. Existing "known" pupils already included in the database.
July 2012 Known and Missing members updated with latest information. Any help regarding "missing" pupils welcomed.
June 2012 Some interesting aerial photos here. This one from the 20's has been cleaned up and there is much of interest. Spot the bathing machines ?
June 2012 We'd be delighted to have scans of old school photos. In particular, anyone having photos of the 5th form / upper & lower 6th please contact me.
June 2012 1969 Lower VI Language (R) photo uploaded here
June 2012 Draft reunion attendee list here. Anyone forgot to sign the attendance sheets ?
June 2012 More reunion photos from Helen Waner here
June 2012 Eric Withey has organised a school visit for 12th July. I will forward emails for those who are interested in joining him.
June 2012 Peter Hornby random photos of 2012 Morecambe area here
June 2012 David Wilkinson photos of the reunion here
June 2012

The 2012 reunion was held on 9 June at Vale of Lune rugby club. Site info and contact lists are currently being updated. Approximate numbers were : Attended=50, Unable to attend=30, Apologies 15. Unfortunately 25 contacts have been lost due to changed email addresses.

Prior News archived here