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Morecambe nostalgia

A few old photographs and things to bring back memories of Morecambe. Submissions welcome

Morecambe and other memorabilia

Morecambe timeline
Morecambe illumination switch on
Lancaster timeline
Old Maps

Extract from Speeds 1610 map of Lancashire

Extract from Mordens 1695 map of Lancashire

Extract from Yates 1786 map of Lancashire

Extract from Greenwood 1816 map of Lancashire

Lancashire turnpikes c1830

Old Morecambe map from 1844

Old Morecambe map 1848

Old Morecambe map 1890 East*

Old Morecambe map 1890 Centre*

Old Morecambe map 1890 West*

Old Morecambe map from 1891

Old Morecambe map from 1911*

Old Morecambe map from 1919*

Old Morecambe map from 1931*

Old Morecambe map from 1938

Bartholomew half inch map c1963

Old Carnforth & Warton map from 1848*

Old Carnforth map from 1890

Old Carnforth map from 1910

Old Torrisholme map

Old Heysham map 1845*

Old Lancaster map medieval times

Old Lancaster map 1778*

Old Lancaster map 1844*

Old Lancaster map (NW) 1890*

Old Lancaster map (NE) 1890*

Old Lancaster map (SW) 1890*

Old Lancaster map (SE) 1890*

Old Lancaster map 1893*

Lancaster and Morecambe 1950's 1" OS

Historic town assessments

Morecambe historic town assessment report

Carnforth & Warton historic town assessment report

Halton historic town assessment report

Images & documents

Morecambe old photos by Peter Lane

Lancashire County extensive image library

Peter Hornby random local photos 2012 on ...

Magnificent Morecambe sunset by Christine Hill

Old postcards and photoso

Edmonsons Morecambe Guide c1870

Waddington's Morecambe Guide c1895

6000+ images at Morecambe nostalgia Facebook group

Fascinating thesis on the rise of Morecambe

Crossing the sands, 1832

Scale Hall airfield

The development and decline of Morecambe in the 19th and 20th centuries

Video clips

SSS Aqua Show clip

Morecambe illuminations clip

Frontierland clip

Beach train clip

Video clips about Morecambe Bay from the net

British Rail publicity video for the Lancashire coast, 1955

It all began in Poulton

Morecambe area good quality colour video c1948


Rolling Stones play Floral Hall, September 1963

Morecambe Corporation attractions for 1964



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