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2018 Reunion

Letter sent to registered members :

It has been a long time since the last contact.
This mail is intended to advise you of several MGS developments.

1) Email addresses
As people retire, change provider, etc their email addresses change. I will follow up this email by circulating those that have bounced in the hope that others can update me on changed contact details.

2) MGS 1970 reunion
I have had various suggestions for holding another reunion. Naturally they are all different! What ideas do you have regarding frequency, date, geographical location and type of venue? 

3)Years 1961 - 1968 Reunion
Janet Knowles is organising a reunion for those in her year, probably in June. If you have family who would be eligible, I'm happy to forward details.
Janet can be contacted at Facebook :

4)All years Reunion *
Ken Siddle is organising a reunion covering all years (I guess they are 70 this year). The date is fixed as 22/23 September with a dinner at The Midland and other events over the weekend.
His contact details are or Facebook


Peter Hornby

* Kens reunion details

Friends, Romans, Countrymen……..
Plans are afoot for a reunion weekend in Morecambe on 22/23 Sept 2018, broadly following the successful format of the 'Class of '58' event held in 2015 (which largely involved folk who joined MGS in 1958, took O levels in 1963 and A levels in 1965). This time we will be even more pleased to extend a warm welcome to Old Grammarians from other years, as well as to those 58ers who were unable to attend last time. Indeed we would greatly welcome active involvement of people who would be willing to help spread the word among their years. Expressions of interest from those who want to be on the list for future circulations can come to me (either though this page or to
The fun will start around noon on the Saturday, and some will not say 'farewell' until after breakfast on Monday, but of course there is no obligation to be there throughout. The centre-piece and main event will be a dinner at the Midland Hotel on Sunday evening (Sunday rather than Saturday because of availability and better rates) to which some staff with whom we are still in contact will be invited (around a dozen came last time). The cost is likely to be around £50 pp including wines, but I’m not sure if that is settled yet. Rooms may also be reserved at the Midland, but book early to avoid disappointment.
Saturday afternoon will definitely feature (as options) a not too strenuous local walk led by me (maybe Arnside/Silverdale area, Warton Crag or Sunderland point), a tour of the Winter Gardens with tea at Brucciani’s Ice Cream Parlour, arranged by Diana Shaw (as was), and a visit to historic Lancaster including a pub lunch with Colin and Sue Wilkinson, for which there will be a small charge; and possibly golf. Saturday night has still to take shape but may involve music of the Dave Gange variety (i.e. 60s classics) or a curry. At present we have no plans for a repeat school visit on Sunday morning, but we might be persuaded to set this up if there is sufficient popular demand. Those who want lunch on Saturday or Sunday might enjoy a visit to the 'Royal Oak' in Heysham Village, which was popular last time; but remember that there will be the dinner at the Midland on the Sunday evening (the main event). 
That’s probably enough for now, but do let me know if you are interested and I will make sure you are added to our mailing list. And if you have contact details for others who might be interested please let us know.