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May 2012 An interesting video clip reviewing the future of Morecambe: and a long time residents response:
May 2012
Aerial view Morecambe Grammar School 2010 aerial view from Bing with tennis courts under construction
May 2012 The original closing date for confirmation of catering arrangements has passed. However Vale of Lune rugby club (prop Derrick Freedman) are OK with a few more arriving on the night. So, if you aren't included on the list of names and you want to come, let us know ASAP.

Top 20 locations for last views of Reunion page :

London Manchester Blackburn St Annes
Chester Darwen
Stoke on Trent
Preston Leicester Kendal Worcester
Poplar Nottingham Leeds Wrexham
Liverpool Bristol Maidenhead Los Angeles
May 2012 Jonathan Thompson found hiding near Northallerton
May 2012 Dates and times for Reunion finalised. VoL rugby club on Saturday 9 June 2012, Arr 19.00 for eating at 20.00
N.B. VoL rugby club requires final numbers by 25 May 2012...
May 2012 Pamela Clayton is working as a solicitor in Lancaster and will be there on the 9th
May 2012 January - April 2012 Website statistics
April 2012 John Crossley, currently living in Ormskirk, found us via google.
April 2012 Douglas Lowe found us via ShrimpVoices forum. He is currently living in West Midlands.
April 2012 Eric Bryan found. He is now an antique silver dealer in London.
April 2012 Found old photos of Morecambe by Peter Lane, uploaded here.
April 2012 Diana Wade found again
April 2012 Found a collection of old Morecambe photos including this which looks like Barry's cafe in the 70's.
April 2012 Found Graham Leake hiding in Yorkshire
April 2012 Established contact with Alan Freear in Morecambe
April 2012 Re-established contact with Tim Mills
April 2012 Re-established contact with Pat Hoyle in Glos.
April 2012 We need a current contact with Susan Horner (married name would help). Both her last email addresses have bounced back and she has some contact info for us. Last heard of living in North France.
April 2012 Contact established with Lindsay Knowles in Chester
April 2012 Contact established with Brian Kenny in Leeds
April 2012

Special terms for Midland Hotel : There are some additional rooms available. Email us for terms.

April 2012 Mr H Crawshaw found in Bare.
April 2012 Grahame Morris and Lynda Casson found locally - but not together !
April 2012 The new site is now listed no1 from 98,700 references on using the search term "Morecambe Grammar School".
This will hopefully ensure that former pupils will again find this site (the old free site was deleted by the host in autumn last year). Screen print
April 2012 I've had an email request for the whereabouts of Iona Hassall (nee Ferguson). Does anyone have contact details ?
April 2012

Trip Advisor review of Morecambe accommodation. Top choices :

Hotels B&Bs Self Catering
The Midland
Travelodge Morecambe
Bay Strathmore Hotel
The Broadway Hotel
Headway Hotel
Berkeley Guest House
The Broadwater Guest House
The Balmoral Guest House
Yacht Bay View Hotel
The Craigwell
Bay view, Morecambe
Princes, Morecambe
April 2012 Morecambe videos added here
March 2012 Reunion confirmations received are listed here.
March 2012

Reunion for those around in the 1960's ...
There will be a reunion on June 16th for those involved with Torrisholme Church of the Ascension youth club and 16th Morecambe Scout Group from the 1960's. More information here :

EDIT : Photos of this event here :

March 2012 The new site is now listed 2nd (from 92,600 references) on using the search term "Morecambe Grammar School". This will hopefully ensure that former pupils will again find this site (the old free site was deleted by the host in autumn last year). Screen print
March 2012

The following people have changed their email addresses and we have lost touch :

anita finch
Bill Grace
christine wild
David Tyson
Diana Towers
frank harland
John Simpson
linda saxon
lindsay knowles
nancy evans
Pauline Harrison
Rob Sharrock
Roger Yates
Sandra Everit
sarah towers
Sheila Bird
Sheila Dingley
stephen stackhouse
Tim Mills
Tim Smith
Tony Lock
yvonne moorby

Can anyone help ?

March 2012
I have just discovered that some mails addressed to have been sat on a serverwhich was my error when setting up the new website. Sorry for delays in replying.
March 2012

Joan Fox has now retired from MGS and we have re-established contact at her home address. Joan has supplied a couple of photos : an architects drawing of the original school facade and an image of the badge that was sown onto blazers, etc. I seem to remember the hat badge that was uniquely worn on first day of the first form was smaller ? Drawing Badge

March 2012 New website stats for 6 months to 31-12-2011 here
March 2012 n.b. Changed reunion arrangements for Midland hotel accommodation :
The Midland will hold 15 rooms for us and these will be at a discounted price. Anyone wanting to book a room should email Vic Price ( or 01524 812141 ) BEFORE 31 MARCH. On 31 March, Vic will have to let the Midland know how many rooms we want and at that stage he will get a price. People will then need to contact the Midland quoting the ref. that he will be given and pay a deposit.

March 2012

Reunion date agreed as 9 June 2012. Details under the 2012 Reunion tab to the left.
March 2012
From the Morecambe Visitor :
STOTT - On 28th December 2007 in St John's Hospice GORDON aged 70 years. Much loved husband of Janet and loving father of Karen, Helen and Andrew, father in law of Barry and dear grandpa of Adam.
February 2012

Priscilla Keith (Springett) is a Clinical Physiologist specialising in Neurophysiology and GI Physiology at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

She lives in Fulwood, Preston.

January 2012 A series of 10 MGS exercise books covering history notes from the syllabus followed in the 1960's has been donated to the History in Education Project.They have been scanned and can be seen here.

September 2011

Received an email today from Derek Schofield (1956 - 1961) wanting to contact his fellow pupils.

- can anyone help ?

September 2011 The new website has being going a couple of months. I've added some stats here.
September 2011
Susan Wilkes (Stentiford) found via Stella Newcombe
August 2011

Reunion article in L.E.P. :

School’s reunion

Around 20 former pupils are planning a reunion for people who started at Morecambe Grammar School in September 1963, or who joined that school year later. The intention is to hold the reunion in early 2012, the year that most pupils will be 60 years old. To register an interest or get more information, email or visit

August 2011 Andrew Mayor found by Phil Rowland
August 2011 Opened reunion 2012 section and mailed the 28 or so people interested so far.
July 2011

26-7-2011 - RIP

There is an archive here :*/

July 2011

Notice re 2012 reunion appeared in The Visitor. It was "signed" by the initial group who had responded at that stage. I'm adding new contacts, but still need individuals to cast the net further. From the Visitor (Thanks to Carol Parker) :

Grammar reunion
We are planning a reunion for pupils who started at Morecambe Grammar School in September 1963, or who joined later that school year. The intention is to hold a reunion in early 2012, the year that most pupils will be 60 years old.
To register your interest and receive further information, email us at
Carole Normington, Sheila Crossley, Vic Price, Ian Johnson, Peter Hornby, Derrick Freedman, Philip Rowland, Sandra Cooper, Gillian Parry, Caroline Birchall and Nigel Wallace.

July 2011 1926 MGS magazine for sale on Ebay :
June 2011 Free hosting at due to end on 30 June, and the admin was locked to prevent changes from 10 June. This website will replace the old site in google over the next few months.
June 2011 Gillian Parry (Fry) found via Sandra Cooper.
May 2011 Found image of original school facade :
March 2011

From the Visitor : 
PARRY - MARGARET Beloved wife of the late William Parry, mother of Donald and Gillian and grandmother to 4 loving granddaughters. Died 13th October 2010 in Lancaster RLI, aged 93 years.
Does anyone have contact details for Gillian ?

January 2011 Sandra Cooper found us. She has been hiding in Lytham, and I'm hoping she's got some more contacts for us.
December 2010 Ian Johnson has relocated to Zurich. Bit tall to be a gnome ?
May 2010 Martin Hayhurst found to be head of Cumberland School with this image - 

Still trying to track down his email address

April 2010 Helen Waner has posted photos from 68 & 69 here :!/group.php?gid=5324373242 including this one that I don't remember seeing before.
December 2009 I've received an email about early school history :

I write in the hope that you might know if there is an association covering much earlier vears. Aged 10, I was evacuated to Morecambe in1940 and enjoyed many happy years at the school before returning to London in 1945. It would be nice to make contact with any survivors of those times !! 
Best wishes 

Ray Leigh ( )

  Any help ?

November 2009

Morecambe in Times Past

Morecambe Bay Movie Makers, as part of their 40th Anniversary celebrations, are holding a joint event in association with the North West Film Archives at 7.30pm on Thursday 4th February 2010 in the soon to be demolished Dome, Morecambe.
It will be an evening of pure nostalgia and heritage and anyone, local people or historians, who would like to see how the town has changed from the start of the century should see the show. Featured will be films from almost every decade, starting from the earliest known film of Morecambe in 1901.

Advance tickets from the Platform and Dome Booking Office, tel 01524 582803, are only £4 with tickets at the door, if available, £5. 

Media contact: Chris Abram, 
Tel: 01524 736573

September 2009

From The Visitor :

(nee Brooksbank) Formerly of Morecambe and Morecambe Grammar School, peacefully on 19th August 2009 at Ilkeston Hospital, aged 55 years. Beloved wife of Phil, loving daughter of Dorothy and the late Kenneth, dearly loved sister to Roger, sister in law of Hazel, aunty to Elizabeth and Kenneth and loving niece to Bill and Margaret, Eunice and the late Arthur. For funeral arrangements please contact A.W. Lymn Funeral Directors. Tel: (0115) 9505875

Pamela was not from our year, but well known to many of us.

July 2009 Peter Hornby had lunch with Carole Normington in Montpellier, France.
July 2009 Vic Price has now retired but his ex pupils have set up a Vic Price fan club.
July 2009

Just noticed that the Morecambe High School website is using a new logo. More modern perhaps, but better ?                                     

February 2009 Carol Turton (1964 to 1967) is now living in the area again, and would like to meet old school friends from 5G. Mails can be forwarded.
January 2009 Pauline Harrison has used the registration form to contact us. Unfortunately, the email address she used has bounced back. Please try again using and I'll add you to the address book.
December 2008 Sending out the 2008 Newsletter, I note that many have obsolete email addresses that have bounced back. Please mail us with your latest email address.
December 2008 Lionel Wilkinson died earlier this year aged 81. Many will remember him as a kindly mentor with broad interests. Information provided by his son , Richard.
November 2008 I've recently learned that Miss Chester died in autumn 2005 aged 96, and Miss Derham died in Spring 2008 aged 89.
November 2008 Following an article in The Visitor, some new names have been added. Although not from our year, I also can help people contact :

Helen Shorrocks (Ball), June Gilson (Derham), Anne Neil (Isherwood), Alan L. Kay,  Pauline Harrison (Drake), Valerie Toft (Baldwin), Richard Wilkinson, Brian Tempest, Judi Wilkinson, Andrew Evans.

October 2008 Welcome to Morecambe  ( ) was a website focussing on Morecambe with an active forum. The founder has moved away, and the new owner is relaunching it as simplyMorecambe at the same address. Unfortunately the old forum content is unlikely to be incorporated into the new forum.

At the same time, a new forum for Morecambrians has been established at : .

May 2008 I've had an  email from Jacqueline Malam (now Senior) who left the lower sixth in 1965 to work in the Path Lab at Lancaster Infirmary and has just retired as Head Biomedical Scientist in Histopathology at the same place. She also knows Rosie Gee who is still there and is retiring in September. She is having an old school friends do and she would love to meet up with them.
I can forward emails to anyone who knows them.
April  2008
Miss Buck obituary from The Guardian :
March 2008
Miss Buck died on 2nd March 2008 at her home in Ulverston aged 101.
Thanks to Philip Rowland for sending me the obituary from The Visitor of 5 March :
February 2008 Lancashire local authority has created an archive of old photos, including many from Lancashire Life magazine. They are at :
December 2007 Miss Buck, apparently kept much of the correspondence she received during her lifetime. Of course, for much of that time there was no fax, email or widespread telephone communication. It included material from the outbreak of WW2 and continued until 1968. It has been archived by the Lancashire Record Office under reference : DDX 2613/3. 

Also interesting is that she was very active at Manchester High School for Girls in 1926 - head girl, head prefect, cricket, gymnastics, and debating : . 

November 2007 Added links to a local site with current photos of Morecambe including progress on the Midland Hotel :

October 2007

Deborah Harmsworth and Roy Gillson were married.

August 2007

As an experiment, I've started an MGS group on facebook at .

I know we are all a bit too old for this, but it may find more people. And it is trendy !

August 2007 Google Earth now includes higher resolution satellite views of the Morecambe area. Here is view of the school : 
July 2007 A recent launch ceremony saw special guests celebrate with pupils and staff the official launch of the 'Morecambe Community High School Specialist College for Maths and Computing'.

Full story

February 2007
MORECAMBE High School could be about to change its name after winning specialist school status and a £640,000 grant to spend on improvements over the next four years.
The board of governors will meet in March to decide if the school should be re-named 'Morecambe Maths and Computing College' after Morecambe High was awarded specialist school status in those two subjects. If the governors approve, this would be the first name change for Morecambe High since it altered from Morecambe Grammar School in the early 1970s.
15 August 2006 John Mamczak finds us. He is based in Zurich, designing computer chips.
27 July 2006 Bill Grace found us. He is working as a head teacher in Taunton.
26 July 2006 Tribute to  Paul Bould (Normington) 
3 May 2006 Helen Boak is Associate Dean at the University of Herts in Hatfield. Please contact me if you would like her email address.
1 January 2006 Welcome to 2006. It is now 35+ years since we left school - where does time go ?

Not much new here in 2005. I'm still happy to add contributions, contacts, etc ! 

The scanned program for the 1970 prizegiving has been added to the nostalgia page (Thanks to Philip Rowland again).

31 December 2005 Anita Finch went to Lancaster Rd school, then Lancaster Girls Grammar. She will be known to many. She writes " I am living in Canada just outside of Toronto and have just retired this year. I was a headmistress in a private girls’ school but was previously a head of an inner city multicultural mixed school. I have lived in Canada since 1974 and previously was at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for 1 year. I have two sons 26 and 21. I am off travelling to Australia in the New Year. We cruise from LA to Sydney via French Polynesia and will spend 7 weeks in OZ. After that we return through Hawaii." Emails can be forwarded. 
30 December 2005 Richard Crossley has been in contact. He is not from our year, but may well be remembered. He is currently involved with education and is based on the IoW, via Salford, Surrey and USA. Emails can be forwarded.
22 September 2005 The following have changed their email address. Anyone knowing the new address : please let me know - Terry Kavanagh, Sandra Everitt, Lindsey Knowles, John Simpson, Diana Wade, Chris Bowerman.
21 September 2005 Another Rowland production ! The 1964 junior school photo added here.
20 September 2005 Philip has unearthed a copy of the Morecambe Guardian from May 1963 with the names and addresses of those passing the 11+. Rather un PC today, but I've added it to the nostalgia page. 
15 September 2005 Philip is working as an environmental chemist based in Grange over Sands
1 May 2005 Brian Roberts discovered hiding in Lancaster.
1 April 2005 Max Melling died earlier this year aged 92. Obituary  Photo taken 1963 Max was an example to all.
March 2005 Morecambe High School now has a website .
11 October 2004 Roger Yates has changed job and now has a new email.
3 October 2004 I've had a contact from Val Sayle. Didn't go to MGS, but will be well known to to the Carnforth mafia ! She's living in Australia. I have an email address for her.
30 March 2004 Established contact with Clifford Dinsdale.He joined mgs in 1963, but his family moved away in the mid 60's.
3 February 2004 Details added for Pat Hoyle.
3 February 2004 Hi I've got about 50 email addresses available on an exchange basis between bona fide MGSers.

If you are listed, but don't get emails from me ........ please let us have your email address.

14 January 2004 Sheila Clarke found in Blackpool
2 September 2003 Susan Midgely found. She's now a local govt officer based in N Wales
23 July 2003 MGS1970 website first birthday.

It's about a year since we started this site. During that time there have been 5400 visitors and the site is now running at about 40 visitors per day. We've traced about 25 names through the site.

Thanks for all who have provided names and information

I'm sure there are ways to find more missing names :

Are you in touch with people we've lost?

Are you listed on Friends Reunited, but not here ?

Let us know !


3 June 2003 Names added to 6th form photo, thanks to Andrew Gow,David Wilkinson,  Carol Parker, Sheila Crossley.
22 May 2003 Extracted "old faces" from the DW photo collection.
21 May 2003 1)Updated the David Wilkinson photo collection

2) Total site visitors since 16 July 2002 exceeds 4000

29 April 2003 Included details of Winter Gardens 60's programmes. Thanks to Ronnie.
8 March 2003 Been in touch with the  young  (well younger than us !) Susan  Horner,  who has had the good sense to live in France for the last  25 yrs.  She'd love to get in touch with people. Contact her through Friends Reunited, or through
5 January 2003 Carole Parker added to then & now photos

1970 6th form photo added (thanks Carol !)

18 September 2002 Frank Harland joins our page on Friends Reunited : we already had him listed
23 July 2002 John Simpson moved from missing list
18 July 2002 Draft missing list launched  ... click here  to see "missing " friends.
16 July 2002 mgs1970 website launched
15 July 2002 Test website and creation of unique  Email address  - now
22 June 2002 First reunion held at the school, after only 32 years.  Click here to see who made it !
?? Lancashire life interview with Joe Kenyon


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